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Alpha Box & Dice ‘Golden Mullet Fury’ Semillon/Muscat/Riesling 2020

Region Mclaren Vale, South Australia
Producer Alpha Box and Dice
Alcohol 12.4%
Size 750ml

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Why we like it

Taking a big cue from Georgian (the country) winemaking practices but given it a decidedly Australian spin. The team from South Australia's Alpha box and dice have released their 12th vintage of "Golden Mullet Fury" and it just keeps getting better and better.

Each component in the wine was fermented individually before being blended into the final product. All were aged in seasoned oak and went through spontaneous MLF, with the Muscat and Semillon both spending 9 months in a large format cask.

It’s lively and energetic with a burst of tangy fruits, giving way to that signature waxiness and saline feel. Guava, beeswax, preserved lemons and curry leaf. Each year it gets better and more distinguished. An unmistakable orange wine that’s larger than life.