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Brash Higgins ‘BLOOM’ 2015

Region Mclaren Vale, South Australia
Producer Brash Higgins
Alcohol 15.0%
Size 750ml

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Why we like it

There aren't many wines that we can vividly remember first drinking. "Bloom" by Brash Higgins is one of them. This wine is the intersection of technical ability, quality and patience. Stylistically there is nothing like this in Australia.Chardonnay grapes were picked in the 2015 vintage before being fermented and left to age in old white Burgundy barrels. As the wine ages a "Flor" slowly develops, this is a film of yeast on the surface of the wine that allows the wine to breath but not oxidise (this technique is used a lot in Spanish sherry production).7 years later this goes into bottle and the result is a spell bounding wine. There is a core of citrus purity within the wine but there the similarity to Chardonnay stops. Layers of curry leaf, salt, iodine and cashews waft out of the wine. You could sit for hours and pick out the flavours from your wine glass. A contemplative wine that is produced in tiny numbers. Spectacular.