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Chouette ‘Fabric’ Chenin 2023

Region Swan Valley WA
Producer Chouette
Alcohol 11.4%
Size 750ml

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Why we like it

Tom Daniel is one of the vanguard winemakers reimagining Perths Swan Valley and turning it onto its head. Out are the heavy, high alcohol wines from last decade and in are his fresher, higher acid, lip smackingly delicious and most importantly fun range of Chouette wines.

Tom is utilising his families (and surrounding families) older vines, picking slightly earlier and utilising a minimal intervention approach to produce some of the best wines we have ever tasted from the Swan.

This has big lemon energy, its electric with a fine line of saline acidity, backed up by a great hazy texture, feels somewhere between cloudy apple juice and Real Lemonade but heaps better, dry, refreshing and just so darn good.

This is how Chenin Blanc from Perths backyard should be. VIVA LA SWAN!!!