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Alpha Box & Dice ‘Lazarus’ Red Blend NV

Region Mclaren Vale, South Australia
Producer Alpha Box and Dice
Alcohol 14.4%
Size 750ml

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Why we like it

There is A LOT to unpack with this wine, so buckle up while we take a Lewis Carroll-esque fever dream into the world of Alpha Box and Dice. "Lazarus" is a project to breathe new life into older vintage wines.

A heady blend of 9 different older vintages of reds is washed over the skins of newly crushed grapes. This is the reverse of the "Ripasso" technique utilised in Italy, where new wines are washed over the dried skins of old grapes. (If you look carefully at the bottle it has the word "Ripasso" spelt backwards on it, sneaky.) It is then aged in Barrel for 6 months.

The resulting wine is an absolute staff favourite. A powerful bouquet of Black cherry, chocolate and black fruit. There is a zippy acidity and fine dusty tannins that give the wine great balance and structure.