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Momento Mori 3-pack attack

Region Victoria, Australia
Producer Momento Mori
Alcohol Various
Size 3 X 750ml

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Why we like it

Take a deep dive into the Alice in wonderland like world of Dane and Hannah Johns. At the vanguard of Australia’s nascent natural wine movement Memento Mori are the real deal when it comes to pure expressions of unadulterated wines.

This 3-pack offers incredible value and will let you experience 3 different cuvees that have all been naturally fermented, unfixed and unfiltered.

1 – Rosso (Malvasia/Schiopettino/Syrah) 2021.

2- The Wanderer (Pinot Noir) 2018.

3 – Rack and Ruin (Ribolla Giallo/Nero d’Avola) 2021.

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