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Wine Subscription Pack


More About This Pack

Take the guesswork out of your winemaking decisions with Commune Wine Stores subscription service. Have bottles of incredible wine, hand-picked by us, delivered to you on whatever basis you choose. Each pack will come with written notes, detailing exactly what you’re drinking and what foods the wines will pair with. With quality and value at the forefront of everything we do you can rest assured knowing that you’re signing up to the best wine subscription service in Australia. Life is too short to drink bad wine.

So how does it work?

Are you an everyday drinker? Or like to stock up for a rainy day? Choose either a 3 or 6 pack option which best suits your needs.

Next, pick how frequently you would like deliveries, we normally deliver once a month but if you like it spaced out we also offer quarterly and half yearly options.

Now do you like your wines natural or are you more of a traditionalist? There is no right answer, and everyone has different tastes.  If you like your soaring Barbaresco’s and brooding Rioja’s (who doesn’t!) then best pick the traditional button.

Is your wine for drinking or is it for thinking? If you’re after a certified banger that’s made to be popped and drunk in the next few years then value is the way to go. If you’re a fan of the finer things in life or are after big name wines to pop in the cellar or impress the father in-law with, our premium selection is the real deal and offers fantastic value for money.